The Great Unmasking, and More…

Complacency and croneyism is alive and well even in the hidden recesses of Pastoral Care departments.

We will be starting a series of threads discussing some of the nasty secrets of Clinical Pastoral Education a.k.a. CPE, in an attempt to awaken interest in cleaning things up, if only to do justice to those looking to so-called “chaplains” appearing at their bedsides but who are neophytes, and sometimes persons with very questionable credentials, not to mention any semblance of “supervision.”

Stay tuned and check back often. We’re preparing a formal written complaint for submission to the ACPE* relating to a so-called training program at a large Albany, New York hospital.

Better yet, join this blog and receive automatic updates as we post contributions.

Be sure also to join in the discussions.

* The American Clinical Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. Not to be confused with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, also ACPE.


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