Chaplain Wuss

Go for it!

I want to encourage and embolden any Roman Catholic who is being urged to complete a course in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to decide here and now to Do it! But decide also right here and now to resist the indoctrination and ideological brainwashing that the liberal protestant/reformist machine processing, in the guise of “interfaith” CPE, perpetrates.

Cathlick Wuss

Most interns (you may want to read my piece on interns at Pay2Work) complete an intensive course (10 weeks, usually in the summer) or up to ten months (full-year 1 x week) of this interfaith zombification. You have a choice. Go in fighting. Wear your tradition (the Presbyterians, Reformists, Jews will). Wear your clerical garb if you are ordained to sacramental (versus protestant ‘consensus’) orders or religious! Insist on being authentically, fully, faithfully “gruntled” Roman Catholic, despite the “disgruntled” Cathlicks you’ll find there and the pressure to denounce tradition. Don’t let the moonbat sisters or the Protestant “minister-supervisors” or the “social justice” priests and motley presbyters warp your dedication to the Roman Catholic Church’s dogma,Tradition, Magisterium, and doctrine and the call to teach and preach the one true faith and the Gospel to those who are in desperate need of hearing it.

 Hats off the the Othodox and the Lutherans, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, even the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they take care of their own and kick anyone else out of the room! Why are Cathlicks such damned wusses?

So, you want to be a chaplain?

Let’s be absolutely clear here: Clinical Pastoral Education is nothing more than a systematic “weeding out” of the orthodox through a process of enforced radical leftist indoctrination. I survived because I am tough, objective, challenging, and have years of business and institutional experience under my belt, and a very good educational background. I was able to challenge the manipulative system using their own rhetoric and strategy of democratization and secularization of the spirituality of suffering and the dying process that seemed to garner the attention of the lay administration. In other words, I quickly learned how to position myself as the underdog in a system dominated by radical leftist libertarian protestant supervisors. They didn’t dare push me into a corner but certainly knew their guerilla tactics. I knew the system well, too. In fact, at the end of my ordeal, I received a cold shoulder and an ambiguous evaluation from the CPE supervisor (who did little if any supervising but acknowledged my “love of theology” Well, at least he managed to stay awake long enough to notice something!) but continue to receive glowing communications from staff, patients, and patients’ families. My experiences have resulted in a lengthy and detailed report from me to the ACPE and is the subject of a report (in process) to the local RC ordinary, bsp. Howard Hubbard.

To those who are thinking of committing time, money (Yes. you have to pay to work and the institution, the hospital, is reimbursed for the spiritual care you provide), and resources to CPE: do not allow the hyperliberal leftists and CINOs (Catholics In Name Only, CINOs; Cathlicks) intimidate you or in any way dissuade you from being fully, authentically Roman Catholic. Listen. Learn. Be respectful and appreciate others’ faith and traditions. Take what away what you can. But assert your rights as strongly as you might defend anothers, the patient’s for example, your Catholic identity must be respected. Insist that your understanding of your Catholic ministry vocation be respected. Do not allow yourself to be bullied. If they persist or the CINOs around you ally with the Protestant liberals, report them to your bishop (won’t do much good, but at least you did our part). Keep detailed records. Names, dates, times, quotes. Do not hesitate to bring incidents of religious harassment to your supervisor, to hospital management, to the certifying organization, and your bishop.

These people will have power over you only if you allow it and they will use it to derail you and your vocation if you dare to oppose them. Document, document, document!

Can you learn something from CPE? You better believe it! I did. But I learned in spite of the goofy new-agey bullshit that passed for Catholic pastoral care at Albany Medical Center. I learned from the patients and their families. I learned from the nurses and doctors. I also learned from the chaplains and my CPE supervisor and residents. . .I learned exactly how NOT to be a Catholic pastoral care minister.

Go in confidence.  Assured. Eager to learn. Open to being wrong. Be humble, compassionate, righteous. But go in with a clear sense of being Roman Catholic. And don’t be duped by lefty protestant, reformist religious psychologies and purely political ideologies broadly called “interfaith,” which translates to “no faith.”

Be Authentic!

Write to me if you have any problems. I will gladly advise and assist anyone who is considering CPE.

P.s. On an interesting historical note, CPE was started by a former mental patient! Read more at CPE’s Nutty History.


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