Contact Information for Funeral Professionals and Referrals

Please use the contact information below to obtain service information or to arrange for services.

Rev. Ch. Harold W. Vadney B.A., [M.A.], M.Div.
Interfaith Chaplain/Thanatologist/Psychospiritual Care Provider
P.O. Box 422
New Baltimore, New York 12124-0422

Telephone: 518-810-2700

When contacting Chaplain Harold by e-mail or by telephone please allow one hour for a response. The telephone number above goes directly to Chaplain Harold and may at times go directly to voicemail if Chaplain Harold is officiating or in consultation. Please be patient; he will reply as soon as possible.

If you are calling in urgent circumstances and require Chaplain Harold to attend at a death, a removal, a family conference, please state so in your message or email.