Training Complaint Report Log

The author of this blog electively participated in an intensive 10-week CPE program at a medium-sized Level 1 trauma center in Albany, New York. Despite the author’s advanced level in terms of education and experience, he was placed in a Level 1 unit. The group was extremely small (4 persons) and supervision was questionable, at best.

The author was completely honest in his evaluation of the program and his honesty didn’t garner much appreciation from the so-called supervisor. Despite significant successes the so-called supervisor shot him down.

In response, the author contacted the organization accrediting the CPE site with a request for comment. Interim Executive Director Deryk Dursten responded: “I choose not to comment on your observations.  However, I want to be sure you know that if you have a complaint, ethical or educational, you are encouraged to file it, so that ACPE can give it the full attention it deserves.” Dursten provided the web address for the ACPE site. End of response. Sound like Mr Dursten or the ACPE is interested? Sound like a country club to you?

This log presents the background and documents relating to the author’s final response to his final evaluation and to the progress of a complaint filed with the ACPE.

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One response to “Training Complaint Report Log

  1. 10 Nov 2011: Harlan Ratmeyer served with written notice of intent to file a formal complaint/grievance. Albany Medical Center officers and officers of the American Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE) copied.
    Secure files set up and password access to documents established.

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